Kaili Smith is a promising young visual artist, coming from a diverse family. He was Born in the Netherlands (1995) and raised in Australia. He now lives in between The Netherlands & New York.

His art, focuses on the topics of globalisation, normalisation of behaviour & criminality. The work is a reflection on the increasingly integrated society of today. He reflects both on the beauty and the struggles of it. Often looking at different people whose lives have been subjected to globalisation and merging cultural influences. From migrants fighting to enter Europe on the Moroccan border, to graffiti painters in Istanbul. The work which ranges from paintings, photography, videos, installations and poetry, always takes a strong stance as an observer rather than critical or biased opinions.

Kaili has has had numorous gallery & museum exhibits in Europe, the US and Australia. His graduation show In July of 2018 for a Bachlor in Fine arts was sold out. This was followed up by his Debut UK solo show with Thinkspace at Moniker art-fair which also sold out. He now Purses a master's degree in New York after reciving a full scholarship at Parsons School of design.

His current series of works "Le petit prince" reflect on the bizarre conflicting reality of children growing up in an environment of crime, while at the same time showing the strength that children often find through this lifestyle an ongoing cycle of criminality that manywestern countries still struggle to understand or deal with in a progressive manner.

In 2017 Sober Collective Gallery had a solo show with his, in Rotterdam Netherlands, which was named "Refelection of our times" which included paintings from the new series of paintings, which included paintings from the new series of paintings which looked into the influence Pop culture had on our lives, the painting were shown along side an 18 minute film on the topic of globalisation

His first show "Europe or nothing" ,was a public pop-up show in Rotterdam's busiest street the “LIjnbaan” organised by Gallery RR. The multi-media exhibition gave an insight in the day to day life of migrants trying to cross the border towards Europe. In 2015, with strong right wing protest on immigration in Europe, it was an important time to discuss this subject The exhibition included paintings, photography, installation art, video and also a video series of poems from Mariboudou Keita both a migrant & writer from West Africa trying to cross the Moroccan border into Europe.

The Second solo exhibition "Not to be titled’ was exhibited at GO gallery Amsterdam in 2016, “Not to be titled” is a collection of works about the growing diversity in our society.Through life size paintings which look past cultural stereo types, we look into the true personality and energy of a wide mix of people from different backgrounds, ages & gender.

He has also been invovled in several group shows with well known gallery Thinkspace based in Los angels. Who have shows over the world, most remarbly a museum at Hononlul museum of art, where he debuted his first painting from the Petit prince series, which was quickly sold.

Adding on to the solo shows, In 2017 Kaili won the Sober Collective Talent contest, which gave him a spot in a group show with international artist "Vesod" and Sebas Velasco.

Kaili expanded his role by being a curator in 2016 Solo exhibition “Return To Kings Landing” by Vieno James in New York.

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