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Honolulu Museum of art. Group show with thinkspace gallery. (upcoming February 2018) Hawaii 


“Scope art fair Miami" during art Basel week, with Thinkspace gallery - Miami 2017


“JFK/LAX” Group show at Spoke gallery -New York 2017


"Reflection of our times" Solo exhibtion at Sober Collective - Netherlands 2017


"There are no limits"- group show currated by Think Space gallery- Sweden Boras 2017


"GO Gallery Grand Finale" Group show at Go Gallery - Amsterdam 2017


"Street Art Exhibtion" Sober Collective Gallery Group show- Rotterdam 2017


"Twenty Sixteen Retrospect" Solo Show with Gallery RR - Rotterdam 2017


"SVA mid year graduation show" - New York Manhatten 2016


"Not to be Titled" Solo exhibtion at GO gallery Amsterdam - Netherlands 2016  


"7 customers" Group exhibtion at Living Gallery -NY Brooklyn 2016


Curator + Performer in "Return To Kings Landing" Vieno James Solo exhibtion- New york 2016


"Ping-Pong" Group exhibition Rotterdam - Netherlands 2016


"Europe or nothing" Solo exhibition at Gallery RR - Netherlands 2015


"Gramism" Exhibition at Nicecat art space Melbourne- Australia 2013